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Alpha Defined:

The term Alpha conjures up certain stereotypes.  This typically is due to the often misunderstood term of “the alpha male”.  Most hear that term and immediately shift their thoughts to a person who is arrogant and cocky, macho, judgmental and even narcissistic.  

This is also referred to as a type A personality. Additionally if the Type A person is defined as having all of those traits that would mean conversely that the Type B person would be the opposite.  So at this point now we have negatively defined and pigeonholed all of humanity into either an arrogant jerk or a weak minded wimp. Clearly, this is not the case. Let’s redefine what it means to be an Alpha.  

An Alpha is simply defined as “the dominant animal or human in a group”  The pack is a tightly knit, organized group led by the Alpha wolf. Now let’s go further.  As humans, we need to define the group and also need to define that group’s vision or mission.  

This provides more insight in that Alpha simply means leader.   As we all know leaders come in all forms.  Great leaders and horrible leaders. Just like there are great people you know that are Alphas and absolutely horrible people you know that are Alphas.

Alpha Applied:

Now that we have deconstructed the term Alpha take a look at your life.  Break it down into the different roles that you play on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.  Father, mother, son, daughter, employee, employer, cop, criminal (yes we have all broken laws at some point), athlete, coach, and the list goes on.  

An Alpha Leads and Follows:

We all lead and we all follow.  There are many more times in my life that I am the follower of people much smarter, experienced, stronger, and successful, in various aspects.  I am following them trying to learn as much as I can to then bring back and apply to my specific circle of influence. Like your elementary school teachers say “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth so spend twice as much time listening to others as you do talking.”  This should mean you spend twice the amount of time following as you do leading.

Finding your Alpha means identifying your specific circle of influence.  Finding where you have the capacity to be a leader. To bring those people and that population truths and information that can impact and improve their lives and then they can take that and will influence their circle with that information.  This creates an Alpha culture that then allows you to make a huge impact on an exponential amount of people!

Find Your Alpha:

Bringing this back to training and nutrition.  As a nutrition coach we provide you with tools and tactics as well as education on things like food quality, and how to navigate eating out, vacations, and holidays, as well as even how to eat for specific results in performance or specific sports.  Now you take that information and follow it and apply it to your specific set of life circumstances making it work for you.

So when your best friends asks what you are doing and why you are eating better or weighing your food. This is an opportunity for you to find your Alpha and become a leader to them.  Continue to grow, and learn from others but in the process identify your influence just as you are being influenced by others.

Find YOUR Alpha and become a force of change.