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The best program is the one you follow!!!  You can have the greatest nutrition or strength program on the planet.  One that has been set up for you by the best coaches in the country if not in the world but yet it still can get you no results.

Why is that?  The issue is absolutely not the plan or the program.  The issue is your coach! Didn’t see that one coming did you.

You see, the content of the information you get as a coach through training and experience is really pretty easy.  You are learning things that you are passionate about and interested in.  You barely have to study if you find something you are really into.  So the content is there.  That part of the equation is fine.  The issue comes not in the content but rather the application of the content to real, live, human people.  That is hard!

The art of coaching is identifying what behavior your client/athlete is advising you is hurting their life and figure out a game plan to change that behavior to improve the quality, and quantity of their lives.  

It is not as much about the actual content but rather how you can work with your coach to put the information into play with you to effect real change in your world and in your life.