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What are you waiting for?!  A handwritten invitation? Some divine intervention? A savior with a magic pill to deliver the results to your door?

Odds are slim that is going to happen.  Not to mention that if it does happen you are going to be too blind to see the answer that is so clearly in front of your face.

So here it is plain and simple.  Do something.  Do anything.  Take a step.  Do not worry about the 2nd step or the 3rd or the 18th or the 187th.  Take 1 step.  Then another.  Small results over time yield massive change.

You will, at some point, hit a step that you don’t want to take and it is going to hurt.  This is the step you need to take.  We all have something that we are struggling with whether that is fitness, money, marriage, relationships, sobriety or whatever your struggle in your life is.

Your assignment today is to take a step and post your step in the comments below!